I Love Patonyle Socks

They’re so cute! I love them!

Pattern: A Pair of Hearts socks by Donna of Random Knits.
Yarn: Patonyle (of course).
Tweaking: Reduced stitches to 56. Added another heart repeat to leg, and needed another on the foot to fit my ice skate feet.

These were fun, easy and fast. At the moment my preferred sort of sock to knit is one with a little detail that keeps it more interesting than stocking stitch, in solid or semi solid yarn, and these fit that bill perfectly. I was going to knit them in burgundy, but I already have a lot of burgundy coloured sock but not many in white or natural.

Still working away at the baby blanket and Endpaper Tam. Both seem to be taking forever, so I may end up throwing in something short and sweet to break the tension. Oh, and I finished weaving the Eucalyptus Placemats, but haven’t done the stitchwork yet. I’ll hold off photographing them until that’s done.

Isn’t if funny how when you take time off between one work project and another you seem to have less time than usual? I’ve been rushing about in a mad catching up spree, and spending very little time reading knitting blogs. Or blogging. But I’m sure as soon as I start the next work project I’ll be back to my old routine.

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