The Drapey Scarf

When I joined the Australian Knitters Ravelry Forum’s We’ve Got You Covered swap I was hoping one of my recipient’s requested item would allow me to do a bit of weaving. It turned one one of the requested items was a scarf, which was perfect. Inspired by Lolly’s experiment in beating lightly in order to get a drapey fabric, I warped up the loom with some thin wool/cashmere yarn (though only about 5% cashmere), which I planned to dye in my recipient’s favourite colour afterwards, and got weaving.

I have plenty of this yarn and I was pretty generous with the warp length. I got to worrying about the length as I worked. Would the recipient mind if the scarf ended up really long?

So I sent in a few decoy questions along with one about scarf length. And it turned out the recipient doesn’t like long scarves, preferring really short ones.


The trouble with weaving is once something’s on the loom, you have to finish it before you can start the next project. Good thing, then, that weaving is so fast! As I finished it I decided it would be either mine, or a gift, and I’d choose whether or not to dye it later.

I’m very happy with the result.

It’s lovely and drapey.

I think I might keep it. But I can’t decide if I’ll leave it as it is or dye it. Perhaps I’ll dye it with eucalyptus leaves…

3 thoughts on “The Drapey Scarf

  1. Oh, it’s lovely. I saw some eucalyptus dying recently that come out the most delicious shades of browny-pinks.

  2. Ooh it is beautiful. Yes the latest Yarn magazine had a story on dyeing with ecualyptus leaves and using different pots brought out different colors. Interesting story.

  3. I love it just how it is.

    I am curious about dying with eucalyptus leaves though.

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