I whipped up this iTouch cosy a few days ago, out of leftover Lisa Souza sock yarn:

There’s another fo hanging about, but it’s a secret one, so I can’t post pics yet.

There also seems to be wips galore around here lately. I have a crochet baby blanket growing slowly, a weaving project that was going to be the secret project but turned out to be unsuitable for the recipient, and I finally started the Swirled Pentagon Pullover:

The yarn, Naturally Sensation, is part angora and wonderfully soft and cosy. But it keeps shedding all over everything. The cat, my clothes, up my nose… I’m hoping this will stop once it’s been washed.

There are two other projects I’m planning to start soon: socks and some mittens. Why the sudden multiple wips? I usually stick to two or three. Perhaps I have a bad case of startitis.