Painted Vest & A Crafty Convention

Done at last!

The black bias binding was exactly what it needed. The woman at the dry cleaner/alternations shop said “You should be a designer”. To which I replied “Thanks, but the ‘I’m not that great at sewing’ thing might be a problem”.

I’m thinking that the convention I’m going to in June will be the place to wear this. Though it’s the yearly science fiction and fantasy con, this time it’s called Craftonomicon. There’ll be all kinds of crafty sf & f goodness happening.

I’ve volunteered to run a workshop called ‘Con Bag Craft’, which will use bookbinding and papercraft methods to make use of the stuff that usually comes in the con bag. I’m also helping brainstorm a community art project that’ll run over the weekend, have suggested a panel on craft in sf & f stories, and am considering doing a weaving demo.

I’ve heard that knitting and chain mail jewellery workshops are in the works, plus t-shirt refashioning demos. There’s going to be a craft market, so if you have sf & f/book/film/games related products it might be worth looking into setting up a table there. I’m considering bringing in and demonstrating my looms.

And if you like designing geeky craft projects, there’s a book called Stitch in Time Travel that’s open for submissions.