Current Likes/Wants

I just found this draft post I began back at the beginning of January. It’s just a list:

Things made from books and maps, especially jewellery
Travel-sized products
Paint applied with a big old brush, or a roller
Cookie cutters
Cats, especially Slinky
Dip-dyed cloth, dip-painted stuff
Big, soft cotton shawls than can be used as scarves or blankets
Black throw pillows
A laser cutting machine
An inklette loom
A circular sock machine

It didn’t seem worth posting, but I left it because it might make an interesting sidebar item that evolved with time. Or something.

I didn’t think a list like that would change much, but I’m surprised to find I’d like to write a new list. A fresher one with new likes and wants. It would go like this:

Pencil drawings
Artwork of shoes
Colour blocking
Spray tan
Machine knitting
Card weaving
Turban headbands
Words with friends

So, what the heck, I’ll see if this becomes some kind of regular blog thing, that I do once a month or so.