I went to Bendigo…

But not for the Bendy Show. There was a photography exhibition on there last weekend that Paul wanted to see, so I took the opportunity to duck into the woollen mills for some yarn I’ve been meaning to get more of, which isn’t available on mail order:

Um… well, yes. Not very exciting. It’s craft yarn for weaving a rya rug out of old shirts, sheets and fabric offcuts. But I did buy some yarny yarn, too:

Some purple cotton to go with the leftover green I bought too much of for a baby blanket (to make more baby blankets) and some of their only-available-in-the-shop sock yarn (which comes in colours you might look for if you thought WW2 was still on and wanted to knit socks for soldiers).

The Bendy Show is on this weekend. Unfortunately – or fortunately for Paul – the photography exhibition finished last weekend so there was no chance to do both in one trip. Also, the train service to Bendigo is currently replaced by busses, making the trip a long and painful one, according to a friend who lives up there, so I won’t be going to the Show. I don’t mind, though. Got plenty of yarn to knit and weave already.

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