Frog or Finish?

Ode to the 80s jumper:

Pros in frogging: Yarn this nice deserves a better project. At least I got some practise using the knitting machine. If frogged, stash will get bigger again.
Pros in not frogging: Most of the work is done. It’s not THAT bad. More yarn out of the stash.

The blue crochet sampler blanket:

Pros in frogging: Don’t have to make two or more squares. Don’t have to remember what I was doing. Really over this project. Can use yarn for something else.
Pros in not frogging: Could make (yet another) lap rug with just two more squares. Frogged yarn will increase yarn stash. Frogged yarn will be in lots of short lengths.

2 thoughts on “Frog or Finish?

  1. I hate to say it but…. frog it. Nice yarn deserves to be hand knitted, with cables or lace and such. My Aunt that taught me to knit was an awesome knitter. She said knitting machines was for inexpensive yarns and fast projects like afgans and dish cloths. When you pay top dollar for yarn you should take pride in the work you put into it. Machine knitting doesn’t give you time to take pride in your work. That’s just my opinion (inherited from my Aunt.)

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