WIP Wipeout Progress Report #2

Lots of progress has been made on my wips, but not many were finished. The first one to be ticked off the list was this scarflet:

Once again, I used sticky tape to hold down the hem while hand stitching and once again it took ages. So when I came to tackle the next scarf, which is a square one, I made a fringe instead:

However, this took as long as the hand stitching did on the first scarf. Partly because it’s bigger, and partly because it’s a lot more fiddly than it sounds. I have two more square scarves left to hem/finish and I’m considering trying two other ways to do it.

I’ve been working on my pants-into-jacket wip, and since the sewing machine was out I also hemmed the table mats:

Cotton is MUCH easier than hemming slippery silk, I can tell you!