Recreating not Refashioning

After I realised I didn’t have the right inks for printing plates, I turned to another printing project I’ve been meaning to try. A long, long time ago I went to the Cook Islands with a friend, where I bought this t-shirt:

I loved that t-shirt so much. The fabric is now so thin from being washed so many times that it’s practically see-through, and bleaching doesn’t seem to get rid of the discolouration of age any more. Though I haven’t worn it for years, I can’t make myself throw it away.

When I saw this product at Zart Art I grabbed a pack. I’ve seen it on US based artist’s blogs, but never found it locally until now.

With this stuff I could recreate the t-shirt. So I traced the main pictorial elements and got carving.

It won’t be exactly the same, of course. I made the dolphin a bit less basic, for a start. And I won’t have the type along the bottom. But once I get hold of a t-shirt to print on, I’m going to see if I can make something similar.

4 thoughts on “Recreating not Refashioning

    • They sold plenty in the Cook Islands. It was so nice to have something hand made locally rather than mass produced in China.

  1. Although mine will be refashioning, not what you are doing, this plus an article in Belle Armoire has inspired me to turn two tops into one a la Alabama Chanin. Enjoy yours!

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