Sketch Sunday 64

On Saturday morning I found what I thought was cat vomit on the floor in the middle of the lounge room, except it wasn’t. It was water, and the wet patch kept growing and growing. The strangest thing about this was that, while it had rained hard overnight, it was petering out by the time this happened. We could see no entry point, and since the water appeared around the seam where the original house slab had been added to long, long ago, it looks a lot like the ground got so saturated overnight that water began welling up through the seam.

How the heck this can be fixed, we have no idea. Hopefully it’s a freak occurrence due to the crazy weather we’ve had lately. Lots of people were having much worse flooding problems than us. We managed to get a carpet cleaner before they were all booked out. They spent ten minutes sucking up the water remaining after I’d soaked up as much as possible with towels, then left this giant hair dryer for us to run overnight.

Sunday we had big stains and were resigned to replacing the carpet. Yesterday they came back and cleaned the carpet again and I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the stains went. We can probably hang onto the carpet for a while longer. Parts of it are worn out anyway but the thought of the upheaval it would mean to replace it all has us covering our ears and going ‘lalalalala’.

Mind you, if we get flooding rains again, we may get more seepage. Then we’ll have to rip the carpet up to find out where the water is coming from anyway.