The Sock Zing

I started the Cablenet socks last night but… well… I quickly found they just didn’t ‘zing’. Maybe it was the 2mm needles, maybe the yarn (Opal can be a touch ‘hard’), maybe the gadzillion stitches for each round, maybe the fact it took me half an hour to do the first three rows of the cable pattern and I had a headache by the end of it.

But I’m sure if I was lovin’ the pattern, I’d be overlooking all of the above. Something I’m learning from this sock challenge, that I didn’t expect, is that some patterns just work for you and some don’t. Some are going to make my hands and back hurt and some just flow off the needles. A few false starts are to be expected. I’m fine with that.

I considered restarting, using the smallest size but knit with thicker yarn and needles. But I really didn’t take to the tiny cable thing. Which is interesting, because I love cables. Seems that love isn’t unconditional.

Knitty, as I mentioned earlier, isn’t plentiful in the cabled sock department, and no cabled socks jumped out at me from Favourite Socks, so what to do? I looked at my original blog post again, noticed something and started to grin. Item c) actually says ‘Favorite Socks or an issue of Interweave Knits magazine’. Wasn’t there a bunch of cabled socks in the last issue?

Suddenly I’m spoilt for choice.

I’m not so enamoured of the Honeycomb Socks, and Genome Socks seem a little too easy. I didn’t like the Flying Buttress Socks at first, but I realised that’s because I don’t like the colour of the toes. The two patterns I’m finding most appealing are the Ambrosia Socks and William Street Socks.

I’m going to download the latter two patterns and see if see if the sock zing starts happening with one of them.

4 thoughts on “The Sock Zing

  1. Yes, I tried out the Snicket pattern a year ago. It was rather badly written, actually, the cable pattern beign off centre making it unnecessarily difficult. I ended up using my basic sock pattern with the snicket cable properly centred on it.

    It wouldn’t qualify here, unfortunately, because part of my challenge was to knit one pattern from seven different sources, and I’ve already knit the Bakerloo socks from Magknits. I have only knitty and IK/Favourite Socks left.

  2. ah! sorry, I thought it was just cable you were after.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the snickets pattern, though – you may have very well saved my sanity, ha ha!

  3. The Snickets do come out lovely, if you’re willing to fiddle. The actual cable part isn’t hard to do, so long as it’s centred on the foot.

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