Sketch Sunday 59

A mask I made for a friend many years ago. The one I made for myself – a mermaid holding a veil over the wearer’s eyes – was way too ambitious and fell apart. I like the simple but effective burst of white, fluffy feathers on this one.

I finished a sketchbook last week, which means I’m rather neatly starting a new one for the New Year. However, that’d be more impressive if I only had one sketchbook going at a time. I carry another, smaller sketchbook in my handbag, and it’s still going strong.

The one I started today isn’t spiral bound. It appears to be perfect bound (pages stuck together at the spine with glue). That’s going to get a little annoying when I start sketching on pages toward the centre of the book. But I have so many small blank books waiting to be used, that I don’t want to go out and buy another spiral bound one.

The paper is nice, though.