Arty Sunday

Finding myself with a mostly free Sunday, I decided to try a few arty projects inspired by Alisa Burke‘s Canvas Remix.

I’d bookmarked this one to try. I didn’t have a canvas bag, but I had an old burgundy cotton shopping bag whose lettering had come off when washed. I figured if I didn’t like the result I wouldn’t mind throwing it away, and if I did then it was a good recycling project.

Here’s the bag after I painted the outside, choosing some complimentary colours in my ‘excess’ acrylic paints collection – colours I’d picked up at garage sales and such, but didn’t tend to use:

And here it is after I tried out my foam stamps on it:

To finish it I need to get buy water based polyurethane to seal it and handles. So far I’m liking how it’s turned out, though I do think it needs some smart looking handles for it to throw off it’s old cotton shopping bag heritage.

During the drying time, I tried a few other things. Firstly, I took the iPhone cover I’d doodled on (but which, unfortunately, went all smudgy) and painted it black. When that was dry I added brushstrokes of red and orange paint:

When that was dry I tried Alisa’s method of writing over paint, using a Sharpie to write words relating to the useful things you can use an iPhone for:

And then I finished it with a coat of gloss medium & varnish. I’m really happy with how this looks and I’m tempted to give my new iPhone cover the same treatment.

When printing, I roll off the excess paint on the roller onto laser printed pages from the recycling pile, and I’ve found I really like the textures and colour combinations I get:

So I tried printing onto these sheets. I had varied results.

Some I liked, some I didn’t. I found the ones with repeated patterns like the one on the right below looked good, but ones with pictorial shapes were a bit too literal and cutesy.

I recently made a few stamps out of bits and pieces from the garage, inspired by these posts on the Daisy Yellow blog:

So I gave them a try, too:

I also really like the way the paint builds up on the sheet of plastic I use as a sort of palette for the roller.

I’m wondering if I could use paper or card instead, then use the ‘palette’ as a background for some kind of artwork as well.

I love how trying one thing gives me other ideas to try. When I was done for the day I wrote notes in my sketchbook, listing ways to refine methods, experiments to undertake another time, and materials to buy. Which is so very organised, for me.

5 thoughts on “Arty Sunday

  1. Very nice! Why not just crochet a trim of flashy ‘eyelash’ yarn around the top of the bag leaving the unadorned handles as they are. I really like the look of the phone case. You have the best ideas. Do you sell them on esty?

    • Lol – for a moment I thought you were asking if I sold ideas on Etsy, and I imagined setting up a shop for those people who ask writers “Where do you get your ideas from?”. No, I don’t sell stuff on Etsy. I’ve turned far too many of my hobbies into work, and I’ve found it spoils the fun.

  2. I must admit that I am not too good at layering things in my art work. There is a technique where you can transfer what has been laser printed onto a canvas. Have you heard of it?

    • There’s instructions in the book on transferring printed images to paper/canvas/fabric, but it uses ink jet not laser prints. I’ve watched video tutorials on the web for this, too. There appears to be two ways to do it, and one appears to better avoid the risk of smudging the image.

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