Projects for 2010 Update

Last week I managed to tick another item of my Projects for 2010 list:

The front door was a hideous shade of salmon pink. Now it is black.

It was one of a set of things I wanted to paint black – the dining room wall and the round mirror frame. All done.

Here are the other projects I managed to finish:

The New Zealand Trip Photo Album:

London Underground Teatowel Pillows:

Mannequin Legs Garden Stand:

Recycled Object Mirrors (which also became the Wall Art for Bathroom)

Dyed Denim Rya Rug (which I did as a plain woven rug rather than rya):

There are three projects on that list I still haven’t completed: the albums of Paul’s Dad’s sketches, the plaster mould framing, and turning the set of wooden bowls into frames. The bowls are a low priority because there’s not much point making them into frames until I have something to frame. The plaster moulds have faltered as a project because I don’t know where I’ll hang them.

But the one project I still want to do is the sketch albums. I’ve put them off because I wanted to become a bit more knowledgeable and skilled at bookbinding first. It’s also a mammoth job, involving a difficult selection process. The box they’re in is taking up valuable space in the workroom, however, so that’s a strong motivation to tackle the project. This is the one unfinished 2010 project that will definitely be on the list of Projects for 2011.

As for the rest of that list… well, I’ve been looking around to see what needs to be done, but there aren’t many home decorating projects nagging for attention now, aside from boring ones like redoing the seals in the shower and filling a hole in the guest room wall. Setting myself a list for 2010 got me to prioritise and stop putting off more difficult projects, and keep me on track when shiny new ideas threatened to distract.

Perhaps my new list will simply contain more weaving, knitting and bookbinding. I’m sure a few new recycling and repurposing projects will come along as the year progresses, and I suspect more refashioning will creep in, too. Most of all I’m hoping to do a lot more art and sketching.

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