Three UFOs Down, One To Go

A third UFO of shame has been completed!

Sari Silk Pillows. I think one of the reasons I lost interest in this was because the sari silk was horrible to knit – overspun, dusty and stiff – and the end result didn’t seem worth the trouble. I kinda feel neutral about the pillows now they’re done. A bit “take ’em or leave ’em”.

For some mysterious reason I was seized with the urge to weave the other night, so I warped up the loom and wove a length of cloth out of the funky green yarn from the adopted stash. It makes a rather nice fabric. I’ll be sewing the lengths together to make a blanket. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it’s taken me to sew up the Red Blanket, the last of my UFOs of Shame.

The Sock Challenge hasn’t been forgotten! I’ve been working steadily on the Mosaic Sock, and started the Ripple Weave socks. The latter takes concentration, so it isn’t good tv knitting, which mean it’s going to be a slow project.

The yarn also makes my hands ache a bit. It’s robustly spun, so a bit cordlike to work with. This might be part of the reason I switched to weaving. My hands were getting a bit sore with all the sock knitting.

I’ll be heading to the city tomorrow and planning to pop into Cleggs to get some 2.75mm bamboo straights or circulars so I can start the sideways socks once the Mosaic Socks are done. I wonder if I’ll end up buying yarn at the same time…

One thought on “Three UFOs Down, One To Go

  1. I have never been able to get smaller size needles in bamboo from clegs, but i tend to use DPN’s in preference. Good luck.
    It’s sad you feel that way about the sari silk cushsions, becuase the colours look lovely. Hopefully they will grow on you!
    Happy weaving.

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