Taking Opportunities

Today there was carpentry and tiling going on and a meeting with the builder, not to mention a neighbour who decided we’d all like to hear his radio, so I reverted to my inner office worker, slacking off while renovations made work difficult uncomfortable impossible. What did I do?

I spent the day spreadsheeting all the finished objects I’ve made since I rediscovered knitting in 2003, hunting down what photos I could find and resizing them, culled what was too embarassing to make public, and started uploading images to Flickr ready for when I get my Ravelry invite in (what I estimate will be) October.

What else was I going to do with a spare day? Filing? Pffft!

3 thoughts on “Taking Opportunities

  1. My ravelry invite hasn’t arrived yet, but the sense of urgency to document everything is coming along just fine!

  2. I almost wish I hadn’t. The number of fos I’ve done since 2003 is scarily long. Surely it’s not natural to make this much stuff!

  3. Can you come and document all of my stuff? I am not an organised person, but I do have ravelry!

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