Sketch Sunday 51

We had a little afternoon tea of baked goodies kitchen warming party yesterday. I am in love with my new kitchen. There are no missing drawers! Two people can be in the kitchen at the same time! I can use the oven temp and cooking time for recipes and don’t get charred results! None of the cupboards reek of rotting vegetables and garbage!

The lovely Beky of Pivotal Xpressions brought me a bouquet of herbs from her garden, and it seemed the perfect subject of this week’s Sketch Sunday. After doing the linework, I decided not to colour it, and instead used cross hatching and a brush pen to darken the shadows. I love the contrast between the woody rosemary, frothy dill and leafy parsley.

A very silly sentence kept running through my head as I drew it: ‘Too late, Rosemary realised she had been a complete dill when she’d demanded a parsley with the pirates.’