London Underground Tea Towel Pillows

Last weekend I got another of my Projects for 2010 done:

I sewed up the last two pillowcases on Craft Day. The couch is rather full of pillows now, but we don’t use it – it’s there for guests who can make themselves comfortable with as many pillows as they need.

2010 is rapidly getting smaller, and I still have a few projects to complete: binding Paul’s Dad’s sketches into books, framing up some plaster moulds, painting the front door and turning some wooden bowls into frames. The binding project and wooden bowls are the ones I’m least likely to finish. The binding is a massive task, and until I have something to put in the bowl frames there’s no point starting that one. I can get the front door painted now that the weather has warmed up and being doorless for a day isn’t a problem. The plaster mould framing… the carpentry is a job for Paul, then I just have the painting to do.

I’ve finished lots of projects lately so there’s plenty of posts waiting to be published – and this should be the last sewing one for a little while. (Though I just bought a skirt and a shirt from the op shop to refashion, so that’ll be coming up in the next month or two.)

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    • LOL! For me it was also “get out of the house and talk to other living, breathing humans” day. Thanks so much for arranging and hosting it!

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