Fob Watch Project

I’ve been exploring art journal and collage blogs and sites, and recently bought a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. It’s all the different mixed media techniques for colouring and texturing paper that are fascinating me. So when the mag site offered a free eBook featuring four methods, on signing up to their newsletter, I grabbed the opportunity. One method in particular gave me one of those ‘of course!’ moments. Print with acrylic paint on watercolour paper and you can paint over it with watercolour washes without it dissolving or bleeding.

I wanted to try it straight away, of course. But I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by all the things I want to make or try lately. I’m in danger of starting too many projects and end up feeling pulled in too many directions. Then it occurred to me that maybe I can combine some ideas. I had another WIP going that this printing method might suit.

So I carved a stamp of a clock face:

Printed with acrylic on a scrap of watercolour paper, then coloured the paper with watercolour washes:

Cut them out:

Even the offcuts looked pretty:

Then I stacked some of them up inside this:

It’s an empty fob watch shell that I’d strung onto a chain with some bits and pieces, but didn’t seem like it would be a finished piece until I put something inside it:

The little circles could be like calling cards. Maybe I’ll write something like “chocolatetrudi dropped by today” on the other side, then draw in the clock hands at the time. Or maybe I’ll just leave them in the fob watch as a quirky souvenir for anyone who asks what’s inside.

3 thoughts on “Fob Watch Project

  1. Calling cards – what a great idea! I love Cloth Paper Scissors and subscribe to it now, which is funny considering that I wouldn’t even look at it several years ago because I couldn’t imagine anything in it would interest me.

    • I used to leaf through it and see one article that interested me, but figure it wasn’t worth the $16.95 price tag.

      Now… well, I bought it again the other day (even the newsagent remarked on the high price) and was disappointed. It was mostly full of Halloween stuff, so not really very relevant to us Aussies. So I’ve decided that I’m going selectively buy issues – and probably ignore any holiday themed ones.

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