Not-Boring Cover

Riding a wave of unexpected shopping mojo last week, we managed a minor miracle and scored a pair of iPhones for ourselves. Afterwards we went to one of those little stalls at the shopping centres selling phone covers. The clerk was friendly and chatty, but clearly thought the plain white cover I bought was a bit boring.

I went back this week and showed him why I bought it:

He really liked what I’d done. I managed to dash away again before he could suggest I start selling them. While I’d love to doodle all over more phone covers, I know only too well the perils of turning something fun and creative into work.

Unfortunately, the ink has now started to blur and rub off from being near-constantly in contact with my hand, so I’d have to find some sort of sealer to prevent that, if I was to make these for other people anyway.

(Sketch Sunday may have to wait a bit this week, as work, illness and a kitchen reno have taken over our life recently.)

5 thoughts on “Not-Boring Cover

    • Yes, I did use a Sharpie. Good suggestion – though it’s a bit late now that it’s already blurring. Will keep it in mind if I do something like this again.

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