Knitting! And chocolate!

Yesterday, just when I was thinking I was still too sick to get any work done, but well enough to be bored with staring at the same four walls (except there are seven, because there’s this mysterious columny thing), I got an sms from David Reidy offering to give me a lift to a local chocolate cafe where some knitters were meeting up.

Oh, what a great afternoon! There was knitting. There was chocolate. There was a talk about both, and podcasts, and more. I’d tell you the details, but the net connection here is so slow that I can type twenty words before anything appears on the screen. I sucked up all this good knitting company like a tonic and went back to my room content and cheerful (and regretting that my occasional attempts to get a knitting group going in my part of Melbourne had been as successful as herding cats – must try again).

Thankyou David and Lara and Mark and Kate (did I get all those right?). I had a wonderful time.

3 thoughts on “Knitting! And chocolate!

  1. Thank you too! It was nice to meet you and see your lovely aqua scarf (mistake rib – great minds think alike.) I hope your throat bug goes away soon.

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