I’m in Katoomba!

And I have internet access! But it’s a bit slow and I probably won’t post pics until I get home.

I’ve been to Tapestry Craft at last! And they were having a sale. But I have to admit, the 80% off yarn didn’t grab me and I hesitated to buy the less discounted nice yarn because my suitcase was already too heavy. The night before I’d discovered another knot followed by a colourway change in my Mega Red Socks, and had only brought enough wool to finish the sock. I couldn’t continue with them, so I needed more sock yarn.

For some reason I expected Tapestry Craft to stock more than just Patonyle and Heirloom. I was wrong. But I found a nice dark tweedy Heirloom Argyle, and there were just four balls of Sirdar Town & Country sock yarn in navy left so I got two of those. And some aqua Heirloom 5ply, because the Patonyle plain colours are a bit boring.

When I got back I noticed there was no discount indicated on the receipt. Trust me to pick the only non-sale yarn!

Today I’m going to check out the Katoomba yarn store.

4 thoughts on “I’m in Katoomba!

  1. Hey – when/if you ever come down to Wollongong SnB or Wollongong in general give me a call (you can email me for my mobile) and I will take you to my friends LYS and they stock Patonyle and Heirloom in lovely colours – and Wollongong (ahem , cheaper) prices too…..

  2. I wonder if all Aussie sock knitters wrote to Patons about their very limited Patonyle range, they would consider expanding their pallette? Worth a shot eh?

  3. Thanks Donyale! I’ll keep that in mind.

    Writing to Patons… always worth trying, but the Tapestry Craft staff confirmed a rumour I’d heard: Patonyle is going to be discontinued. I suspect Cocoon is meant to replace it.

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