A Few Days Rest

Phew! What a weekend! It was as busy as expected, and far more social than anticipated. A few international and a lot of interstate friends were in town and some were even knitters.

Yes, I knit in public on World Wide Knit In Public Day. In fact, when my UK editor met me in the hotel lounge he laughed and said “why doesn’t it surprise me to find you knitting?”.

But overall I didn’t get much knitting done. I did finish one of the Mega Red Socks and worked just a few rows of the toe for the second sock, though. I’m looking forward to a few quiet evenings to relax and stitch. And my cat has definitely missed a stationary heat source to snuggle up to each night.

It’ll only be a few nights, though. Then he and the beau will have to keep each other company for a few weeks.

(Hey Michelle – did you get my email?)