Another Little Purchase

While we were in town on Monday, we popped into Seniors Art Supplies. This time it wasn’t me who wanted to shop, it was Paul. While he was buying himself a visual diary, I was trying not to look too closely at anything in case I found something to buy.

But at the counter, they had these:

Cute little portable paint boxes for sketchers – for only $19.95! With an adorable brush that slots into it’s own handle.

Of course, I had to have one. It might not be as small as my little homemade paint box, but there’s a bigger range of colours. I was intrigued to find that white is included. I don’t have white watercolour paint to add to the homemade paint box, and gouage dries solid. Since these little cakes of paint can be bought separately to replace a colour when it is used up, I should be able to buy a white one for it.