Homemade Paint Box

What do you get if you combine some pain-killers, mints and watercolour paint?


A portable paint box!


I won’t claim this as my own idea, because I saw something similar on a blog where the artist has used an Altoid tin, gouage and bottle tops. I can’t find the blog now, and that blogger had grabbed the idea from somewhere else, too. However, I did come up with the idea of using the plastic part from a pack of medication. The small amount of paint they hold is still plenty for colouring sketches, and I can keep topping them up.

Prices for portable watercolour paint boxes, when I looked recently, started around $70 – $100 and went rapidly upwards. I’ve seen little ones on blogs, but they appear to be only available outside Australia. This cost me nothing, since I already had the tin, medication and paint.