Bamboo Scarf #2/Mobius Scarf -1 & +0.5

Here’s how the second bamboo scarf came out:


The two knots in the ball I’d reserved for the weft happened to be close-ish to either end, so I just put beads on the ends of the scarf. I figured they might be annoying to the wearer if they were on the neck part.

I actually knitted and frogged an entire scarf recently, but didn’t get pics before I frogged it. It was another mobius scarf, this time knitted to the pattern so it formed ridges. I liked it. But I knit it out of Handmaiden Sea Silk, and when washed it kind of stretched and expanded, so the cast off edge was suddenly way too tight and it hung all hammocky and wrong.

When I was putting the frogged yarn back in the stash, I noticed the two balls of possum yarn in black, that I’d made Le Slouch out of. Now, I wore that hat more than any other last winter. It’s mainly moss stitch. Like the Mossy Mobius Scarf…


Clearly knitting an entire scarf and frogging it hasn’t put me off the pattern. There is something very satisfying about knitting a scarf in the round.

I’ve started the last pair of Socks For Others Club socks:


There’s a slip stitch sock pattern out there that I was thinking of trying, but when I started these the cat was on my lap and I couldn’t be bothered tramping upstairs to the computer in the cold workroom. So I’m making this up as I go, using my own basic sock pattern. Slipping every third stitch on every third row, shifting across one stitch each time. Easy peasy. But it does mean the top of the sock is turning out a little shorter than the bottom. Not sure if that’s going to be a problem yet.

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Scarf #2/Mobius Scarf -1 & +0.5

  1. Won’t that slip stitch make the socks really thick? I’m thinking this would be a good sock to wear with rubber boots.

  2. A little thicker but not a lot. One of the reasons I thought I’d try it was that it wasn’t going to make the socks as thick as a rib or cable would.

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