More Finished Objects

I squeezed a little knitting in around Christmas and Boxing Day gatherings and finally finished the Inca Vest yesterday:

(Terrible photo, I know. I’ll try to get a better one later.)

Well, I finished the knitting bit. I was going to sew buttons on (there are buttonholes hidden in behind the cable twists) but when I pinned the fronts together while trying it on there was a fair bit of gaping between the pins. I suspect only a zipper will do, and that’ll have to wait until I can get to Spotlight or Lincraft.

Amazing how you can have a great tangle of zippers in your sewing box – some new, some recycled – but still never seem to have the right kind in the right length or colour.

Last night I finished another chocolate sock. I still need to make the pair to this one, but I had to model it next to some mighty fine chocolates we also finished last night.

Good chocolate makers, Droste. These had no fancy fillings, they were just shapes and pastilles made from good quality dark and milk chocolate.

Interesting how finishing knitting something make you feel good, but finishing a chocolate something makes you feel sad.

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  1. Oh yes! I received the same box of chocolates for Christmas and totally agree they are delicious.

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