Rosebud Socks Finished!

The osteo worked his magic on my shoulder so over the last week I was able to increase the amount of knitting (and crochet) I did. Yesterday I finished the Rosebud Socks:

Here’s a close-up of the lace pattern (right side up):

And this is how much yarn was left over:

Lots! I have small (well, narrow) feet so I often end up with leftovers. Even so, this is an amazing amount to have left. Maybe that’s because the socks had a lacy pattern.

These socks were a fun knit. I used my own basic toe-up pattern, with the flower buds stitch pattern from The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches. I’ve thought about writing the pattern up, but to be honest I’m still too inexperienced in knitting lace to know how to write a pattern properly for it. If you do have the book above, remember that the socks have to be done toe-up so the buds don’t end up upside down. But I suppose if they were done top-down then they’d look right to whoever wore them!

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