Yesterday I decided I ought to add some features to this blog. The first one I wanted, was a doovy that showed me statistics for the site. Visitors, traffic, that sort of thing. I went to Blogger’s help section and typed ‘statistics’ into the search engine.

It came up with a list of sites that have free hit counters and such. I figured that this means Blogger doesn’t provide a statistice service itself. (Correct me if I’m wrong, please!) So I looked at a few of these recommended sites, and since they all look the same to me I signed up to the one that presented the info in the clearest, easy-to-understand way.

Unfortunately, it runs on someplace-else’s time. And there’s no way to change it to EST. This is confusing and makes the whole exercise mostly pointless.

So, can anyone recommend a statistics site/program?

(Later – I’ve changed to StatCounter, which I noticed See Eunny Knits has on her page.)

2 thoughts on “Counter-productive

  1. Yep, I use StatCounter too. Mainly on my bras4cancer site when I was trying to raise money. I used the ‘drill down’ feature so I could see where people were coming from.

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