Booky goodness

Okay. Enough stash diet silliness. On to more serious things.

I was happy to see the new issue of Yarn magazine in my local newsagent/post office yesterday – happy despite all the frumpatrocious patterns in the last issue. I had my fingers crossed the bad issue was a one-off, and even if the patterns were awful in this one I was desperately in need of some knit articles to keep me occupied and away from the needles.

The articles are good, though some seemed rather short. Among them there’s a nice interview with Mel Clark, a good piece on yarn weight terminology, some tips on cotton and pockets (these did seem a tad short), and a fun one in which designers tart up a t-shirt or two with added knitty goodness.

The patterns are good, too. There is a ‘simple gifts’ section with nice homewares and a pair of socks. Then there’s some garments: a interesting skirt reminiscent of Nora Gaugan’s style that isn’t ‘interesting’, a top for larger sizes that is tasteful and flattering, a couple of shawls, a camisole, a halter top, a bag a belt and a choker. The halter top uses nice colours, but looks a bit potatoe-sacky. That’s fine. I never like every pattern in a magazine issue.

I like most of these. So, all in all, a good issue.

I picked up The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches unexpectedly in an op shop earlier this year, and I’ve really come to love that book. Today I discovered that there’s a Borders outlet in Brand Smart, in the next suburb, and the first thing I laid eyes on when I walked in was 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns, also a Harmony Guide, on sale. It says it’s Volume 5 so I’m wondering if there are another four of these I could pick up.

Lots of socky, vesty inspiration here.

2 thoughts on “Booky goodness

  1. Funny, cause I flicked through the latest Yarn and am thinking their patterns are just not for me. Will go back and have a more thorough look though.

  2. Oh, there wasn’t anything I immediately wanted to knit, but they weren’t cringe ugly either.

    Last night I started making the first Yarn pattern I’ve tried. Ironically, it is from the last issue – the awful one. It’s the crochet hat.

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