The room rearrangement here is done but for the sofa bed – Lotas loom swap. Most of the large furniture was moved over one weekend, which left me very sore and tired. Then I tried to concentrate on getting a room as organised as possible before moving on to the next.

The Guest Room

This was the first and fastest room to organise (apart from switching the Lotas Loom and sofa bed which had to happen at the end). I moved the smaller zed desk in for my writing computer but it was still quite large for the space, especially with a sit-stand mechanism on top, so I bought a sit-stand desk from IKEA. Only to find it was too big. Somehow communication between the sales person and me got garbled – I think we had different versions in mind when I said I wanted the smallest. Fortunately, disassembly was fast and easy, and IKEA let me exchange it for the right size.

Next up was moving three bookshelves and the contents of a wardrobe. All I can say is, by the end I was determined to re-home a number of books and cull a lot of filing cabinet content.

The Textiles Room

This room had to accommodate the most stuff, and it just didn’t all fit until I’d done a lot of organisation, culling and made another trip to IKEA. The main bit of culling was of project leftovers and materials to repurpose. I keep leftovers from projects in case I need to repair or refashion, but I was able to cull yarn and fabric from things I don’t have any more. I also went through the materials for repurposing projects and asked myself if I actually liked them, and removed two-thirds.

By attaching the sewing table top to an old EXPEDIT unit I was able to remove two table legs blocking access to the shelves, which made a surprising difference in getting stuff to fit.

The Art Room

This was the room I am least sure of. I’ve never had an entire room reserved for art. I didn’t want to get rid of my zed desks, the pine table that my Dad and I restored, or the Lotas loom, but they wouldn’t all fit in there. After watching several art studio makeover videos, one thing an artist said struck me as relevant. She said she liked working on her old glass-topped desk, as it was easy to get the paint off. So I decided both zed desks were staying.

That meant choosing between the pine table or the loom. I was having a hard time picturing how the room would function and decided I need to work in there for a while, trying furniture and lighting configurations. It would be impossible to do that with a huge loom in the way, so it has to go elsewhere, at least for now.

As for worrying about ruining the carpet… in IKEA’s “As Is” room I found a I found a rug made of wool and cotton, in neutral colours so no risk of it influencing paintings, and on sale at a price that means I won’t mind too much if I stain it.

Final Touches

A pegboard and fittings had been sitting in the garage for a while, waiting to be installed… somewhere. Instead, I got Paul to cut it in half and add hanging brackets. I painted them white and hung one in the textile room and one in the art room. I’ve not used a pegboard before, but they feature in plenty of art and craft videos and we had it already, so I’m giving them a try.

I finally had space for the big h-frame easel. Once I’ve had time to get a feel for the room, I might be able to rearrange things so the giant canvasses can be stored in there rather than in the hallway.

It’s been an interesting but exhausting two weeks. I think it’ll be worth it. The test will be working in the rooms. Hopefully that means I’ll have a craft project to post about soon!