Gradient Slouchy Hat

Going through my weaving tools looking for things I don’t want any more, I came upon the box of pin looms and some unfinished projects woven on them. One was a scarf with which I had been teaching myself a join-as-you-go technique. I wasn’t interested in finishing it, so I carefully unwove all the pieces, matched the thread up according to the colour gradient, and tied it into one piece.

I only had one 200 gram ball of the yarn, which might be enough for a scarf. I perused a few stitch guide books and bookmarked a few, but the ones I tried demanded too much attention or formed overly stiff fabric.

So I figured I’d let other crochet designers do the hard work and went looking for patterns. I found this beanie pattern designed for multiple yarns, but I thought the ribbed look might work with a gradient too.

I love it.

The only change I made was to make the main part – the sides – just be alternating FYDC and DC (US terminology) rows. I’m now wondering if I can make a matching accessory with the rest of the yarn.