Refashioning the Refashion

This was originally a dress that I grew out of and turned into a skirt. Recently I tried it on and found it a bit snug. I love the fabric but redoing the waist would shorten the skirt, and I’m favouring long skirts these days. There was a skirt to top refashion I’d wanted to try for years, so this seemed like the perfect time to try it.

The ideas is, you turn the shirt upside down, unpick the side seams enough to create armholes, then join the hem at the shoulder line. If the skirt fits you can leave the waist as it is, but mine was not just too snug but also a bit long for that. So I cut off the waistband and added a new one that was also a tie. And I added a black band around the sleeves to match the waistband.

A more recent purchase was this wrap top I bought online with a voucher from sending fabric and clothes to be recycled. The shoulders were very wide, and with all the gathering at the top of the sleeve it made my head look too small for my shoulders. So off came the sleeves and a few finger-widths of fabric came off each shoulder before I reattached them. I found the gathering was rather haphazard so now it also has the same amount in the same position each side.

There has been more sewing, but that can wait for another post.