Daily Art: Hands & Feet

For the daily art of December I drew hands and feet in various kinds of pencil in an old A4 blank book. Which was much faster than the gouache paintings, and since I worked mainly from photos it could be done while watching tv in the evening.

I don’t feel I’d learned as much in December as I did in October and November, but I did gain some insights. Like that feet are nowhere near as interesting to draw as hands. Hands are more expressive. Full colour wasn’t as easy as monochrome, or using two colours in monochrome fashion, but even on days when I was up for the challenge I found full colour less satisfying. Monochrome just looked nicer.

Photographing the drawings was more difficult than I expected, with the paper showing shadows no matter how I fiddled with lighting, and no amount of adjustment of the file fixing the problem. That’s why it’s taken me so long to publish this post. Eventually I just gave up and let them be as they are.

I am so far behind now that I have all the January daily art to photograph and post now. The theme – food – was what I originally wanted to do for December, until I realised I wouldn’t have the time with Christmas and other distractions.