Pink Rosepath Rag Rugs

They’re off the loom, hemmed and washed.

The graduated one contains the strips I’d sewn, and it wove up fast and made a good, solid rug.

The mixed one I wove without fussing with the strips. What tended to happen was I’d untwist them so that the front of the fabric faced up, then beat. The strips mostly squished down with the face showing on both sides, probably due to me having ironed them with the bias tape maker so the edges folded that way. There are more unfinished edges of fabric and threads visible, as you’d expect, but it’s not that bad. You really have to look to see that the rug has a (less thready) front and back.

Because of the high contrast of the mix of colours, it’s much harder to see the rosepath structure. But I like the randomness of it.

I worked out a better way to mark where to separate the rugs, too. Weaving in two lengths of a very heavy cotton made it really easy to cut in a straight line.

There were supposed to be three flannellette rugs woven on this warp. But I hadn’t anticipated that changing the sett from 5 epi to 6 epi would have quite an effect on how much the rags beat in, so the pink rugs turned out longer than calculated. I had only enough warp left to weave a square rug. So rather than weave the batch of light blue flannelette I’d prepared, I decided to do another t-shirt rag rug.