Wiggle Scarf Wobbles

When I started this scarf, it was as if holes had developed in my memory of how to warp a loom. I realised I hadn’t warped a loom since the dishcloths back in early November/late December. Still, it’s not THAT long ago that I should forget so much!

First I was flummoxed that the cotton colours on the draft I’d made in Fiberworks were much paler than what was in my stash. Instead of using the brighter versions of those colours, I chose the darker ones. When I’d wound half the warp I realised the wiggles were going to be barely visible against the burgundy background. It needed contrast.

So for the first time I put a large bout of warp back on the warping board and laboriously unwound it. I changed the draft in Fiberworks to the colours from the sampler, and that gave me the idea of using green/blue/green/blue in both warp and weft instead of one colour in each. It would mix the colours more. I tried it in the program and liked the way it looked, and started winding. I was a quarter of they way along before I remembered that the reason I’d used one colour in the warp and another in the weft was to avoid using three shuttles.

Oh well. Three shuttles it would be.

Only after I had almost finished winding the second half of the warp did I realise that I’d measured a 3 metre warp instead of a 4 metre one. I’d read the number of ends as the length. What I had was too short to make two full length scarves.


I reminded myself of my approach for this year: ‘Be flexible.’

I wasn’t going to unwind everything again, so I figured I’d be making at least one full sized scarf and the rest could be a short scarf or a cowl. Which might be a good thing, actually. The second scarf was originally going to use the lovely silk ribbon yarn I’d tried in the class sampler, but when I went to buy more I found it had been discontinued. A cowl would be short enough that I can use the leftovers from the sampler. Maybe.

After I’ve woven one band each of the pattern – wiggles going across followed by wiggles going up and down, I looked at the back and realised that I had not, as I thought, worked out a way to get the back to look the same as the front. Back in Fiberworks I figured out it wasn’t possible, and I decided to settle on a small variation in the vertical wiggles on the back. Fortunately I was able to fix what I’d woven already by removing four rows of the burgundy.

Once that was done I resumed weaving, finished another horizontal section and a vertical one… then realised that my two sections of vertical wiggles started from different directions – one from the left, the next from the right. That had to become intentional, meaning I have to check what the last one was when I start the next and do the reverse.

I tell you what, this scarf is really making me work hard! I’m almost glad the second one will be shorter, so I’ll be done sooner.