On the Thursday of the tail end of four day sore-neck-possible-migraine I decided to try one of the methods Denise had shown us for making a Deflected Doubleweave draft. It involves taking a profile draft for another structure and converting it.

I had immediately thought of Cats Paws & Snail Trails, the only overshot pattern I’ve liked. So I drew that up in Fibreworks.

Then converted it to Deflected Doubleweave:

The double width blocks didn’t look great, so I reduced them to single:

The pattern looked like electrical plugs to me. That suggested a man’s scarf, so I changed the colours to blue and dark grey:

Which makes for a complicated pattern. What if I made the treadling the same as the threading?

Much better! Now what about some more colour?

Oh, this is fun! It’s like the yellowy green is electricity running down the cord to the plug forks. I’ll have to start and finish the yarn for each pair of stripes because of the big gap between them, but that’s not too much trouble. Of course, I can only guess how much fulling the fabric will change the pattern, but I decided to call this one “Electricty” anyway.

I’d like to weave this straight away, of course, but I’ve decided to return to the dishcloths project. I want to tackle that project before I forget what I was doing with it.

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