Rookie Mistakes & Simple Solutions

The current project on the Lotas is a deflected doubleweave scarf, following the “Bumps in the Night” project in the Best of Handwoven book on the technique. The project uses many different colours of warp for the non-shrinking cotton areas. I’m using a warp I painted at one of Kay Falkner’s workshops.

When it came to choosing the cotton weft I wasn’t sure what colour to use, so I took inspiration from the project and did alternating stripes of green and purple.

However, I soon found that this obscured the colour gradients in the painted warp. I wound up cutting out the cotton and unweaving the black wool (because I only have a limited amount of it).

Then I started weaving with black cotton. Overall the fabric is a bit darker, but you can see the colour gradients.

I’m surprised I made this mistake. I know colour. But, like so many odd decisions or moments of floundering, I’m blaming it on the distraction of the anxiety of the times and part of my mind occupied in blocking pain.

My left arm now looks like this:

Which I must wear for six weeks. Fortunately I managed to warp the Voyageur for class before it went on, with the help of this:

After asking friends on Facebook for ideas to attack a hook to the end of my finger, I wound up making this doovy inspired by butterfly guitar picks and knitting yarn guides. It helps me draw individual warp ends from the lease sticks to the heddle hook, avoiding the pinching movement of thumb and forefinger, which was one of many causing pain.

Thankfully I was right that I can weave with the splint on, so I’ve finished the class sampler. The deflected doubleweave scarf is keeping me entertained. And I’ve started painting again, which uses only my ‘good’ hand most of the time.