Twill Silk Fabric

Whoops! I should have posted this before the last post. The Seta Soie Silk fabric came off the loom some time ago.

It’s been washed and draped over the dress model for a few weeks.

It’ll be the non-identical twin of the The Little Fluffy Clouds top… when I get around to sewing them. How non-identical? Well, they were woven at 90 degrees to one another. By that I mean the LFC’s neckline and hem will run weftwise and the SSS will run warpwise.

Why the difference? Well, the top design can be shorter but not narrower. The weft for the LFC fabric ran out sooner than I hoped, while the warp for the SSS ran out faster than I expected. But for the SSS, the bonus is that adding black to the sides of the warp means I’ll have an interesting band across the neckline and hem.