Three Heddle Rosepath

I started this project months ago, but as my left thumb grew worse lifting the heddles was too painful, so I put aside. This is the post I began:

The heddle for the AKL arrived just at the right moment. I didn’t want to put a project on the Lotas that might take a while to weave because we were having the Loom Room painted soon. I didn’t want to put a project on the Jane because I had only a week until the next sampler would go on it. I didn’t want to put a project on the Katie because there was no room for it in the Loom Room so it would have to go in the kitchen, which would also be being painted soon, or the craft room, which was occupied with the materials for making folders for my course notes and samples.

The AKL on its stand was easy to move around the house and could be worked on anywhere so that won my attention. The three heddle rosepath project was complicated, but should get easier as I got the hang of working with three heddles. So I finished threading the loom, took a deep breath and started weaving. Here’s the photo I should have taken for the last post on this project:

And here’s the loom warped up with three heddles:

The weaving is fiddly, but not difficult once I’ve memorised the sequence. It is slow, but that’s fine. I had a photo of a few cm of the pattern woven, but I can’t find it now and I’ve packed the loom away until my hand is healed. It was looking rather lovely! Hopefully I’ll be able to post the completed scarf in a few months.