Aaaaages ago I crocheted a scarf called a Curly Whirly. It was a brief crochet craze that spread through the online knitting/crochet world. While it is fascinating how the scarf curls around itself, it’s not exactly a practical scarf – more a decorative one. I never wore it, but the yarn had felted too much to frog, and since I’d bought on my first big trip overseas, I didn’t want to discard it.

Four years ago I embellished this cardigan:

It’s had plenty of use. I was growing tired of it, though. I’d nearly sent it off to the op shop a few times, but recently I found that Curly Whirly scarf and, well…

I did make a bit of hole in the cardigan when removing the chain stitch lines, but a bit of visible mending fixed that. Bring on winter!