Nearly DD Cowl

When I had only time enough to weave one more example project for the workshop I intended to weave face washers or a doubleweave project. Or maybe a nicer swaps scarf with the vari dent reed. But instead I sponteously decided to try making something using a deflected doubleweave method on the vari dent. I started and wove more than half of a scarf when Ilka sent back her feedback on the information sheets. Turns out that method wasn’t actually correct.

It wasn’t far off. I was able to achieve the correct effect with pick up sticks. But I couldn’t fix the sampler. Instead I removed that section of it and removed the instructions in the class notes.

I could have finished the scarf as it was, but I decided instead to weave far enough that I could make a cowl then cut it off. So that’s what I did:

I like it, but there are quite a few loopy bits that could get snagged. I definitely need to find some non-machine washable thin yarn so I can make a deflected doubleweave scarf that fuses into the classic, familiar structure.

Once the loom was free I put a cotton warp on so I could demonstrate making daisies with Danish medallions in class. By then I didn’t have enough time to weave any more examples, and I was a bit tired of rushing to get another example project done.