Year in Review: 2019

I’m a bit late doing my usual review, but better late than never!


The first creation I mentioned in January 2019 was our house number mosaic. I’m still pretty chuffed about this one. The next is one I also still love – the embroidery I sewed to the back of a jacket.


Feb was all about decor, with me making these cushion colours and most of my weaving time spend making the Memories Rya Rug.


Which I finished in March.


I did a big cull of my hats, scarves and shawls. Some frogging and embellishment happened, and many were given away. The scarf below gained some pom poms, which were exactly what it needed to transform from nice to wonderful.

And I went to the Fibre Forum in Ballarat, for what was to be my last workshop with Kay Faulkner.

Once home I finished the bird bath mosaic.


And soon after, finished the mosaic clock I’d been working on for two and a half years.

And went on a jewellery-making jape.


Kay died. I learned the news on a day of unusually intense physical pain, and came to a conclusion and decision that I hope will change my life for the better. (So far, so good!)

I finished a honeycomb scarf on my AKL.


I finished a runner I wove as a gift.

Wove two more using the sakiori technique, using rags from an old kimono.

And wove off the remaining warp from Kay’s workshop by trying spot bronson for the first time.


I started a four-shaft certificate weaving course at the guild.

And I bought another floor loom.


And before I had a chance to try it out, my Dad’s neighbour died and I had to help him clear her estate. With the much appreciated help of friends, we sent as much as possible of her unwanted belongings to various charities, and later raised money for charity by holding trash’n’treasure stalls and putting vintage clothes in a shop on consignment.


This and work took over my life so that I blogged mostly updates with no photos. But I did agree to run a rigid heddle class at the guild’s Summer School, and started making samplers and course notes.

Oh, and I turned 50.


I bought another table loom. And when I wove off the warp on it I’d made an unexpectedly beautiful, iridescent table runner.


As if to make up for August and September’s drought, December was intensely creative.

My friend KRin and I had fun making new candles from old.

I dyed some things.

I wove tea towels for Mum for Christmas – the first project on the ‘new’ floor loom.

At one point I had to write up a weaving schedule, so that I could prioritise and place the weaving of four projects: the tea towels, warping up looms for the 4-shaft weaving class and rug weaving workshop, and weaving samplers and examples for the rigid workshop I was going to teach. I made all my deadlines with a bit of time to spare, and had a Christmas season I enjoyed more than I had for years – apart from that one year we went to Japan!