Getting There

12dpi reed cut, de-rusted and threaded for rug weaving workshop – tick!

Samples for rigid heddle loom workshop finished – tick!

Information sheets for last sampler done… not quite yet. But I made this:

Having a free rigid heddle loom at last, I decided I needed more examples of items made using the methods I’ll be teaching in the workshop. I didn’t have any examples of lace weaves, only one from the Fun With Texture and Double Your Fun samplers. So I rifled through the stash and found a skein of red Turkish cashmere I bought in Canada ten years ago. Very pricey it was, and I’d hesitated to weave with it until I had something wonderful in mind.

I decided it was time to weave it. Though I didn’t have anything specific in mind, I warped the loom with half of it. Then I played about with different approaches using leno and brook’s bouquet techniques until I hit upon one I liked:

It’s brooks bouquet that never continues across an entire row, making wedge-shaped gaps. I call this the Red Bouquet Scarf. It was fun to weave. I did it in spare moments over Christmas, Boxing Day and finished it the following Friday. The scarf is so, so soft. I wish it was winter so I could wear it. Anything but this crushing, ominous summer heat.

Next I wanted to weave an example of inlay, so I’m rifled through the stash again and started another scarf. But that can wait for another post…