Projects for 2010

I don’t just use my sketchbook for sketching…


This is a kind of visual list of future projects. Some are new, some are old, some are very old.

Row 1, left: New Zealand Trip Photo Album
Since we went there in May 2008, this one is overdue. I have tackled it a few times, but was having trouble choosing photos to fit the format of the book I wanted to make. When I did the albums for our more recent Canada trip, I letting the photos dictate the format, and it was much easier. I’ve been doing a lot of rethinking, and I’m pretty sure I know what approach to take now.

Row 1, right: London Underground Teatowel Pillows
Paul has a few of these, but they’d look a bit twee used as hangings (and see previous post for reasons for us to avoid taking up more space on walls) and end up packed away out of sight. I’ve finally talked Paul into letting me turn them into pillows. (No photo because… well… we can’t find them. But they’ll turn up.)

2nd row, left: Mannequin Legs Garden Stand – DONE!
Yes, you read that right. This is my oldest WIP. I adopted these legs back in 1988, and originally I wanted to turn them into a coffee table. But I’ve never had room for a coffee table that big, and I couldn’t figure out how to level off the top. Now I have a solution for the latter problem, and the plan is to slather on some terracotta outdoor paint and surround them with pot plants.

2nd row, right: Paul’s Dad’s Sketches
A really big project with two aims. First, to gather the sketches together in a aesthetically pleasing and accessible way (most are in ugly plastic folders). Second, to do so in a way that takes up less space. This one is going to take a lot of thinking.

3rd row, left: Plaster Mould Box Frames
Underneath the previous house I owned, I found a whole lot of framer supplies. Among them were some plaster moulds for making decorative mouldings. I kept a few of them, thinking they were too interesting to throw away. But they’re delicate and I can’t glue or put screws in them, so I need to work out a way to make protective frames they won’t fall out of, to either sit on a shelf or hang. (No pics because the moulds are in the garage in a cupboard I can’t get to without backing a car out.)

3rd row, right: Wall Art for Bathroom – DONE!
Our bathroom is purple. A very dark purple, too. There’s a big wall above the bath that is begging for some decoration. I was going to paint a design. I like the idea of wall decals, too, but haven’t found any I like yet.

4th row, left: Paint Mirror, Front Door Gloss Black
Actually, what started as a way to improve an ugly mirror frame and our pink front door (yes, it’s pink, a dark salmony revolting pink) has grown into an expanding project for redecorating the lounge. We have a feature wall in burgundy that needs repainting, and after looking into black wallpapers I’ve got an idea for doing something combining black matt and gloss paint.

4th row, right: Dyed Denim Rya Rug – did another tabby rag rug instead
This one has been on the list for a while now. I’ve done a sampler (pic above). I just need to dye up some denim strips, warp up the loom and get knotting. Trouble is, it’s a slow process and it’ll keep me from doing other weaving projects for some time.

And on the next page of my sketchbook there are more ideas appearing, including:

Recycled Objects Mirrors – DONE!
I have two leftover mirrors and mdf circles from decorating the ensuite. I have chopsticks, and wooden pegs, and stain, and varnish…

Wooden Bowl Frames
I had this idea a few years ago, and only found the right kind of bowls in an op shop recently. These old 70s style finger bowls would make great frames, either for black and white photos or mini paintings. I’ll mount the photos on a white block set in the middle of the frames.

Most of these projects involve the recycling or repurposing of something. This isn’t a new interest – more of an ongoing one. I used to ‘rescue’ old furniture and give it a new life. It came out of a need to be thrifty, but I’ve come to love the look of old stuff revived, and of salvaged, throw-away materials repurposed. And with Paul being a bit of accumulator of ‘interesing old stuff’ (but not much of a renovator of them) I have plenty of material to work with.

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  1. Have you tried and for wall decals? Also etsy has heaps 🙂 and you can even get quotes made up into bespoke decals… awesome! Mirrors are cool though, although in a bathroom that is a lot of seeing myself nekkid that I could miss quite happily 🙂

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