I’m All Out…

… of posts. Oh, I have a few half-written ones waiting for photos or for me to complete a project, but there’s nothing ready to publish. Been too busy or exhausted for either.

… of Christmas cheer. Already. About a decade ago I started cutting back the number of social occasions at this time of year because I was stumbling through December in a haze of exhaustion. However, the addition of two zero-important birthday parties this year kinda undid that policy. The up side, other than celebrating with these friends, is the falling feathers scarf was perfectly suited to yesterday’s birthday girl, and she posted a pic on FB showing how it matched a skirt someone else gave her.

… of energy. WTF is up with my body lately? Insomnia followed by exhausted but not refreshing sleep, over and over. Needless to say, not much work or craft is being done.

… of things to whine about. Really, things are pretty good overall. And there’s a Star Wars film coming out soon!

2 thoughts on “I’m All Out…

  1. I have been in a half haze of sleep today after seven days of too many things that were unavoidable. Yes, Star Wars, I traced off a dress pattern today, I have two days and five hours……..

  2. Go easy on yourself! You have ongoing joint/ligament probs, which may not be life-threatening but are still enervating, you’ve had surgery and need to recover from that, and you’ve had all the stress of the surgery. You’re allowed to feel bleah!

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