Graduated Nalbinding

I’m blinking and squinting at the computer screen this afternoon, due to the after-effects of dilating eye drops. These were administered at my one month post-op checkup. The verdict: I now have superior vision! Or ‘wow’, as both the optometrist and surgeon said. I’ll still have halos around things for a while, and I’ll need to buy magnifying lens glasses for close work like threading a needle or embroidery, but otherwise it’s all worked out well.

The hat below was good tv-watching craft between ops, though I started it a while back.

It was a test to see how good nalbinding looked using graduated yarn. Very good, it turns out. I’m afraid I wasn’t worthy of it, in the selfie below. The pic was taken not long after the second cataract operation, so I was still recovering and couldn’t wear any makeup.

I’d like to try making a mobius scarf next. Not sure I have any suitable yarn in the stash, however. I’ll just have to do a little poking about in there and see. Or maybe buy some more of the hat yarn, which I rather like.