Revisiting Bookbinding

A few weekends ago an interstate friend, the lovely Kathleen Jennings, came to say. I gave her some of my concertina sketchbooks a few years ago, and she loved drawing in them. So in the evenings, after gallery and historic home visits, we grabbed my roll of watercolour paper and various pretty papers I’ve collected and made a pile more.

As before, the strips of paper being cut from the roll make for an amusing image:

These are the ones I made:

I’d intended to make five, but mistakes in measuring the page widths meant I wound up having to cut two of the strips in two and make shorter concertinas. Funnily enough, I did that last time as well. Measure twice, cut once! Still, it meant I got to make two extra covers out of some lovely paper I’d been saving.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Bookbinding

  1. Oh, I laughed that you did the same thing twice, it must have been muscle memory. What lovely books, you are clever. There was a display somewhere here where an artist drew and kept a kind of journal on her travels in a concertina book like that.

  2. I used one for my holiday dairy in Denmark and Norway last year. Mostly I wrote and drew on just one page, but sometimes I spread across two. I’d like to be even more adventurous next time, and do three or four page spreads, or turn it on it’s side to draw a tall thing.

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