Eye, eye, aye!

Well, having a cataract removed and a lens installed was an interesting and somewhat uncomfortable experience. Not painful, thankfully, and most of the disturbing bits happened under the influence of a ‘relaxant’ that had the extra bonus of making time speed up so it seemed done in no time.

Thanks to groovy modern technology my ‘new’ eyes had 20/20 vision. I can see that I will probably need glasses for close work, like threading a needle, however. My excellent close vision is being sacrificed for me not being blind in a couple of years. I can live with that, especially when glasses with magnification are cheap and available in most chemists.

For the month until I get the other eye done I’m in a bit of visual limbo. The day after the op I took the lens out of the side of my glasses that my ‘new’ eye sees through, but immediately wound up with a motion sickness headache and dizziness. I’ve been able to get around wearing no glasses, but I can’t drive like that, so today I’m trying to wear my glasses again. I’m not getting the headache, and while the dizziness is still there it’s not as bad. Maybe if I persist my eyes will get used to it.

I took the week off work, and I’m glad I did. Every day I’ve been so tired I wound up having a long nap in the afternoon. Concentration is a challenge. I’ve filled the days with sorting out my cd collection – making sure I have everything in iTunes and updating playlists – and working on a mosaic ball which, because the surface is curved, I can only do a bit at a time on or the tiles fall off.

I’ve done a little bit of weaving on the saori-inspired project in the evenings. It’s a bit hard to focus on fine lines, so I don’t trust myself with projects where skipping a warp thread would be a bad thing. More complex weaving might have to wait a bit.

This weekend we have two social events to go to, so I should be well occupied. I’ll get working again on Monday. If I’m still struggling with my vision after that… I’ve got my yearly wardrobe assessment and cull on the list of things I can do that don’t require seeing well close up or wielding sharp objects. I’ve started my yearly washing of knitwear, too. And I have to say, having a nice long laundry bench to lay garments out on to dry is wonderful! No more taking up the kitchen table for weeks and weeks.

3 thoughts on “Eye, eye, aye!

  1. Wonderful that all has gone so well! I know that it should, but there’s always that bit of apprehension.

  2. Oh I am glad it all went well, even if you are having some nasty side effects. It will be worth it in the long run, a friend had the same kind of operation and she is so chuffed at being able to see! Oh hooray for relaxants.

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