Body Maintenance, House Improvement

A few months back I went to the optometrist to see if I needed new glasses, because my vision in my left eye was getting a bit fuzzy. Turns out what was a faint milkiness a few years back was now a cataract. The optometrist said I wouldn’t be able to get it fixed until my right eye was as bad.

Since that would mean I couldn’t drive safely, I decided last week to see an eye surgeon. He confirmed the diagnosis and said the one in my other eye would probably be as bad in six months so I may as well get them both done now. I’ve been researching different kinds of lenses and considering when the best time is to have the surgery.

Gosh, I’m glad I live in an age where I won’t be blind in a year or two!

When I got the referral for the eye surgeon, I also got one for a hand therapist. My RSI returned six weeks or so ago, when I attempted to knit a small strip of garter stitch. Though I only did a tiny bit of knitting, the pain hasn’t gone away. It’s different this time, too, affecting both of my hands and all of my hands plus wrists. I hadn’t even started work again when it began, so that can’t be the cause.

So yes, I’ve resumed writing. My six month break finished at the end of July. I’m easing into it, doing an hour or two a day, which gets a chapter done a week. I can get a first draft done in a year at that rate, though I’d need (and have) another six months to cut and polish it.

The rest of the time I’m continuing back-strengthening exercise and tackling a new domestic challenge. We learned that we might finally be able to connect to the new sewer system in a few weeks. There’ll be a whole lot of other jobs relating to it that need attending to: tree removal permit application, tree removal, the sewer connection itself, repairing the driveway (the septic tank is under it), finishing the drainage and electricity for the garage (which will go under the driveway at the same time) and planting the screening trees the garage permit required.

I doubt we’ll get it all done this year. Planting the trees should be done in Autumn anyway, to give them as much time to establish as I can before the following summer heat and dryness.

Getting old never stops. Neither does work around the house. But the cataract surgery might mean I don’t have to wear glasses any more, and the driveway and garden will look a lot better when they’re finished.